The Student Life of Shaykh Zakariya Kandhalwi

In the past century, the Indian subcontinent has been honoured by Allah c with producing some of the world’s greatest scholars. One of them was a man born in the village of Kandhla (India) in Febru- ary 1898, a revivalist and muhaddith, whose lineage joins with Abu Bakr Sid- dique h; Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyar. Born […]


The use of Miswak brings cleanliness of the mouth

In fact, as more re- search is carried out into its miraculous properties, oral health researchers are identifying many more benefits of using the Miswak and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. In this article, I aim to present some contemporary research into the benefits of Miswak and main- taining good oral health in general. It […]